About Cynthia H. Wise

Author Cynthia H. Wise first conceived the idea for PORTRAIT OF RAGE years ago. At that time she wrote stories for her own enjoyment. Inspired at an early age by the paranormal, Cynthia enjoyed having the ability to become someone else, traveling to distant places, and experience new things as she wrote.

During the long process of editing PORTRAIT OF RAGE, an idea began to take root.  Having begun another book years before that she had entitled EYES OF AUTUMN, Cynthia realized how simple it would be to integrate the two worlds. She envisioned continuing the story, carrying characters from book to book as she continued to introduce new stories.  She realized the list of paranormal subjects was endless. It would be simple to let the story flow from one inexplicable, exciting possibility to another.  And voilà – The Marcel Experience was born.

Cynthia H. Wise lives with her husband in Georgia, where her paranormal series, The Marcel Experience, takes place. When she is not writing books about the supernatural, she can be found with her husband, Cliff, their two dogs, Jake and Sadie, and their cockatiel, Sam.