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The Marcel Experience, A Paranormal Mystery Series

Take a look into The Marcel Experience, a paranormal mystery series by author Cynthia H. Wise…


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“Thrills and chills are plentiful in PORTRAIT OF RAGE,” IndieReader, 5 stars.


Soon after Thomas Shear buys a house for his art gallery, the spirits of a killer’s child victims haunt his dreams. Believing they were conjured by stress and a vivid imagination, Tom hopes to vanquish the nightmares that leave him shaking and sweat-soaked by creating a series of life-sized portraits portraying the suffering of each little girl.

When news of his portrait series spreads, Tom is confronted by the lead investigator for the missing children, Detective Mark Winward. Realizing he has become involved in something more sinister than he could ever have imagined, and becoming the detective’s number one suspect, Tom races to find the real killer before he is framed and someone Tom loves becomes the killer’s next victim.

PORTRAIT OF RAGE sets the stage for The Marcel Experience, giving readers a glimpse into what is to come. Both horror and romance, real and fantastic, PORTRAIT OF RAGE introduces real-world horrors into the universe of the supernatural.


EYES OF AUTUMN, the next book in The Marcel Experience is available now!

Shifting, phantom-like shadows seemed to reach out from every direction. The trees creaked in the moaning wind, giving a voice to the shadows that made him shiver as it condemned his soul for what he was doing. Breathing hard, he stopped and dropped the body to the forest floor. A flash of lightning lit the darkness and he caught a glimpse of the discolored, swollen gash on her forehead. Blood matted her auburn hair.

When his ‘uncle’ is killed in a suspicious accident, Marcus re-inherits Hillyerd Estates and moves forces to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.  Little does he know, his life is about to change when he comes face-to-face with the only woman he’d ever loved – and lost – long ago.  His only problem – she doesn’t remember him.  And when evil from his past emerges and attempts, once again, to destroy everything he holds sacred, Marcus must fight to keep his woman safe and protect the empire it took him more than a century to build.


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