Cynthia Wise, Author of Portrait of Rage, on January Jones


Cynthia H. Wise first conceived the idea for Portrait of Rage years ago. At that time, she wrote stories for her own enjoyment. Inspired at an early age by the paranormal, Cynthia enjoyed having the ability to become someone else, travel to distant places, and experience new things as she wrote.

During the long process of editing Portait of Rage, an idea began to take root.

And voilà—The Marcel Experience was born

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City Girl Scapes Review

“I really like how she handled these unbelievable experiences, explaining the unexplainable to a bunch of non believers. She’s made a believer out of me, anyway. I’m really glad I took a chance on this one, it was definitely worth it.”

CityGirlScapes, 4 stars


Tome Tender Review

“Portrait of Rage by Cynthia H. Wise is one of those thriller/mystery/murder tales that will scrape your nerves raw as the story unfolds and spins into tighter and tauter circles, each almost more unbelievable than the last.”

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Tome Tender, 5 stars